Coach Nation



About Us

Coach Nation was created because one of our parent company founders wanted a way to boost his energy, engagement and productivity. He began working with a trainer who helped modify his mental and emotional attitude to the idea of physical training… In line with his change of heart, his trainer began a simple 20 minute a day exercise regime which was so simple, he kept reaching and then resetting his goals… This approach was then rolled out across his companies. After significant results, it became apparent that a big opportunity existed for businesses where customer engagement and service ratings was an important source of new business.

Mission for Business

Enable businesses to massively increase the energy, engagement and productivity of their workforce through the use of subtle behavioural modification.

Purpose of Mission

Nudge 80% of the workforce towards a professionally designed and supported exercise regime that boosts energy, engagement and productivity for the individual, team and brand. 


The increase of personal and professional well-being experienced by staff leads to increases in energy, engagement and productivity to an extent where our client recognises and recommends CN to their network as a genuine Value Adding Partner. 

Values (in action)

Connectivity - Recording and connecting the activities of your individuals, teams or business in a way which is designed to humanise your brand and create additional levels of affinity between your staff/ brand and target audience.

Talk-Ability - Creating experiences and growth which are so compelling that the benefits of enhanced health and well-being positively affect your business culture internally - improving brand experience externally.

Simplicity - As a way of adding value - we record, develop and collate individual and team activities - providing your team, prospects, customers and market with a simple yet compelling insight into the people/ professionals they are/ could be dealing with. Turning the shared investment of your team and brand into a simple yet highly effective promotional vehicle. 


Coach Nation attracts and works with the World’s best coaches. Our community and network makes it possible for us to deliver on our promise of “massively increasing the energy, productivity and engagement of our customer".

Mission for Coaches

Create, develop and maximise new and repeat business opportunities for Elite Coaches in a way which ensures the short, medium and long term success of their client, and therefore themselves. 

Purpose of the Mission

Attract and support the Worlds best Coaches to deliver on our brand promise of increasing energy, productivity and engagement through ensuring that they can simply focus on what they do best - Coach, (while we take care of the rest). 


The Coaches ability to stay focused on delivering massive increases in energy, productivity and engagement ensures that Coach Nation becomes known and promoted by our customer network as an essentially cost free, value adding partner.